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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Straight No Chaser is the place for jazz lovers (and those who will soon be jazz lovers) to enjoy podcasts with their favorite music and artists. Winner of the 2017 JazzTimes Readers' Poll for Best Podcast, your host Jeffrey Siegel will take you inside the world of jazz, from the new releases to the best festiva;s to remembrances of jazz legends.

25 Days of Jazzmass: "I Bought You a Plastic Star for Your Tree"

Dec 3, 2011

Michael Franks has been a long-time favorite of mine. Call him the thinking man's Jimmy Buffett, as his albums often deal with warm climates, sunny beaches and quests for paradise in the South Seas or South America.As writer Stephen Holden put it in a New York Times essay on vacation music: As Mr. Franks has matured over three decades of recording, his epigrammatic pop-jazz whimsy has deepened, and he has evolved into a wistful philosopher of the elusive perfect moment.

Given his choice of warmth over winter cold, he was an odd choice to release an album devoted to the season. Watching the Snow, released in 2004, was composed of 10 original songs with a holday/seasonal slant. Click here to listen to my favorite, "I Bought You a Plastic Star (For Your Aluminum Tree)", which is aided by Brazilian guitar wizard Romero Lubambo and a core band that includes Jay Anderson [acoustic bass], Jay Azzolina [guitar], and Charles Blenzig [piano/keyboards/additional percussion]. Let Franks sooth away those early holiday stresses!