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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Nov 5, 2013

"Jazz is supposed to be open, on the road to discovery. That's what Joni is talking about." – Wayne Shorter

This week marks the 70th birthday of one of my musical heroes (heroines?), Joni Mitchell. From  her folkie days in the late 1960’s, through her commercial success in the 1970’s and her decisions to turn away from the mainstream and delve into World Music and Jazz, Ms. Mitchell has always shown the highest musical and personal standards and integrity. It helps that she also writes and sings some of the finest music of the past seventy years.

Last month I interviewed Tierney Sutton about her latest CD, After Blue, an album of Joni Mitchell-penned or recorded songs. You can find Podcast 382 here, to learn more about why musicians find her so fascinating. 

I have three new Podcasts to honor Ms. Mitchell this week. Podcast 389 is a sequel to a prior podcast, entitled “Jazzin’ On Joni at 70”. Podcast 390 put the musical shoe on the other foot, as I feature Joni singing material more closely associated with jazz musicians. Lastly, Podcast 391 is a treat via the fine website Big O. Earlier this summer they posted two concerts held in Toronto’s Massey Hall honoring Joni. I’ve edited and rearranged those two full evening performances to showcase just the jazz musicians who participated, including Brian Blade (who was musical director), Herbie Hancock and Lizz Wright.

Podcast 398 features:

Lisa Hilton - "Both Sides Now" (alt. take) 

Tierney Sutton - "Blue"

Joshua Redman - "I Had a King"

Cetano Veloso - "Dreamland"

Jane Monheit - "A Case of You"

Herbie Hancock wth Luciana Souza - "Amerlia"

Cassandra Wilson  - "For the Roses"

Fareed Haque - "Woodstock"

Enjoy, and happy birthday Joni!