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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Nov 11, 2014

November is here and I can no longer pretend that the days are going to be warm. Leaves carpet the lawns and streets here in New England. Autumn is truly in the air.

Last week my wife Nancy and I were in Manhattan for a few days, and found ourselves sitting on park bench in Central Park, resting our feet for a while. In a fit of inspiration, I grabbed my iPhone and serenaded her with Tal Farlow’s version of “Autumn in New York”, as we watched leaves slowly fall from the trees and people bustle about their business. It was a moment of technological serendipity, allowing just the right song to be plucked seemingly out of nowhere.

So Podcast 455 is a slew of Autumn-themed tunes, some extremely familiar to you, others not so much. Of particular interest is the tune that kicks off the podcast, a solo bass version of “Autumn Leaves” by Scott Devine. Scott is a British musician who has a burgeoning online site called Scott’s Bass Lessons, a spot I’ve learned a thing or two from over the past year. Check it out here if you have not done so previously. And enjoy.

Scott Devine – “Autumn Leaves” from his website.

Art Farmer – “Autumn Nocturne” from Early Art.

Patricia Barber – “Early Autumn” from Split.

Hank Jones & Frank Wess – “Autumn Serende” from Hank and Frank.

Jerker Kluge’s Deep Jazz – “Autumn Sun” from The Meeting.

Larry Coryell – “The First Day of Autumn” from The Lift.

Phil Woods – “Autumn Thieves” from Chasin’ the Bird.

Paul Bley – “Autumn Breeze” from Early Trios (1953-1954).

Aga Zaryan – “Autumn Quince” from The Book of Luminous Things.

Sonny Stitt - Title Track from Autumn in New York.

Dee Dee Bridgewater – “Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)” from Keeping Tradition.