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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Straight No Chaser is the place for jazz lovers (and those who will soon be jazz lovers) to enjoy podcasts with their favorite music and artists. Winner of the 2017 JazzTimes Readers' Poll for Best Podcast, your host Jeffrey Siegel will take you inside the world of jazz, from the new releases to the best festiva;s to remembrances of jazz legends.

The Official Straight No Chaser Song for Mother's Day - "My Yiddishe Momme"

May 10, 2015

I had much more difficult time picking a song to celebrate Mother's Day than I did for Father's Day. The latter has a natural winner - Horace Silver's "Song for My Father". But Mother's Day was another story entirely.

I could have done like Marc Myers on his JazzWax blog and chosen "16 for Mother's Day." Neil Tesser did a good job here as well with multiple tunes. But I like to choose just one, and so I went with one a bit on the schmaltzy side, but more appropriate to my culutral background - Billie Holiday singing "My Yiddishe Momme".

Now one look at these lyrics will tell you that this is NOT my mother, who ran a women's clothing boutique and could never be identified with a "wrinkled brow" or as "old and grey". But the sentiments remain, and I offer them to you and your mother as well:

My yiddishe momme
I need her more then ever now
My yiddishe momme
I long to kiss her wrinkled brow

I long to hold her hands as in days gone by
And ask her to forgive me for
Things I did to make her cry
How few were her treasures

She never cared for fashion's styles
Her jewels and her pleasures
She found them in her baby's smiles
Oh, I know what I owe

And I am today
To that dear little lady so old and gray
To that dear little yiddishe momme
Mother of mine