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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Straight No Chaser is the place for jazz lovers (and those who will soon be jazz lovers) to enjoy podcasts with their favorite music and artists. Winner of the 2017 JazzTimes Readers' Poll for Best Podcast, your host Jeffrey Siegel will take you inside the world of jazz, from the new releases to the best festiva;s to remembrances of jazz legends.

The Official Straight No Chaser Song of New Year's Eve

Dec 31, 2011

My wife Nancy and I will try to go to a friend's party this New Year's Eve, after last year's plans were derailed by the  sudden illness of our mini-dachsunds, Angus and Hamish. To all who are traveling on an evening that often becomes "amateur night" take extra care and pick that designated driver!

A perennial favorite...

Noted in Passing 2011

Dec 29, 2011

We lost more than our share of jazz (and jazz-related) men and women this year. We shouldn't let the hub bub of the holidays prevent us from remembering:

Melvin Sparks, (pictured) 64, American jazz and soul guitarist; Paul Motian ,80, American jazz drummer and composer; Al Vega, 90, American jazz pianist.; Dixie...

Geri Allen's Music, Morris's Film Show the Holiday Spirit

Dec 28, 2011

Motéma Music is proud to announce its collaboration with Media Voices for Children on a short film titled A Gift. Produced by Media Voices, the project is a new cultural music video set to music from jazz pianist Geri Allen's new Christmas album, A Child Is Born (released on Motéma, October 11). Now available for...

The Official Straight No Chaser Song of Christmas Day: "Peace"

Dec 25, 2011

A Merry Christmas to you all. I am a practicing Jew who does not celebrate Christmas as the birth of the messiah. However, I can appreciate the universal themes of peace, love and understanding that are prevelant this time of year, and so the Offical Straight No Chaser song of Christmas Day is "Peace", written by...