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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Sep 7, 2017

The music of Israeli-born saxophonist Uri Gurvich weaves a wonderful tapestry of world-wide sounds. Sure, the music in distinctly jazz, but Uri and his quartet, which has been performing together for the past decade, features some of the most prominent voices on the international jazz scene. Besides the Tel Aviv native Gurvich, he has played for more than a decade with Argentinian pianist Leo Genovese, known for his work with Esperanza Spalding; Bulgarian bassist Peter Slavov, a member of Joe Lovano's Us Five; and the Cuban drummer Francisco Mela, who holds the much-coveted drum chair in the McCoy Tyner's trio.

Through their first two albums (both released on the Tzadik label), the group has woven sounds from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and South America into something truly fascinating. On their latest release, Kinship, they have taken it to the next level. Each member of the band makes unique contributions, whether it’s using Middle Eastern modes or Brazilian beats. Together they take “Go Down Moses”, so important to both Jews and African-Americans, to a different and personal place.  This is a CD full of interesting twists and turns, and highly enjoyable.

I spoke with Uri about the new CD, how he sources the far-reaching material the band plays, and his upcoming performances with a large ensemble backing the legendary drummer Billy Cobham. Musical selections in Podcast 591 include “Ha'im Ha'im”; “Twelve Tribes”; “El Chubut” and “Go Down Moses.”