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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Sep 28, 2017

New and innovative ways to distribute music has been utilized by any number of jazz entrepreneurs over the past few years. Think of new and exciting models like SmallsLIVE, a repository of live club performances that can be accessed live or from archives through streaming, or Newvelle Records, with its limited vinyl-only releases by subscription.

Add to the list The new venture is a subscription service that releases albums curated exclusively for them by jazz musicians, and attempts to merge the old school experience of holding a record sleeve to read liner notes with 21st century listening habits.

The plan is for a monthly music selection to be delivered to subscribers via downloadable MP3 files (the music can also be streamed from their website), while artwork and related materials – from photos to lead sheets - are shipped to the subscriber by “snail mail.” Additional digital content will be available on their website and delivered via email.

I spoke with Paul Bey about this exciting model, and he shared his enthusiasm for the project. A long-time jazz lover with a background in digital marketing and analysis, he sees his collaboration with musicians as a perfect way to merge his vocation and avocation. Established musicians, including his friend Kenyatta Beasley, have been working with Paul, and the results will see the light of day this month.

Podcast 592 is my conversation with Paul, and an edited musical selection from the first release featuring Kenyatta Beasley’s “Skull Duggery“ is included. For more information on subscribing to, click here.