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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Sep 17, 2013

Is there a musical world that David Krakauer has not yet conquered? The ace clarinetist easily moves between the worlds of classical music, the jazz avant-garde, klezmer music, and dozens of other genres including funk and hip-hop. A leading light of the Radical Jewish Music movement of the Downtown New York scene,  Krakauer must today be seen as one of a handful of musicians of the late 20th century who dared to create something new and exciting out of music that others had dismissed as passé, if not dead.

Krakauer will take a rare opportunity to look back at his career when he begins a week-long residency at The Stone in New York’s East Village. From September 24-29, he will join with other musicians to present five distinctly different performances, ranging from acoustic klezmer to a John Zorn birthday tribute to an evening of due and trio improvisations.

Podcast 377 is my conversation with Mr. Krakauer,  who shares his thoughts on his partnership with John Zorn, his upcoming project called “The Big Picture” and the joys and freedom that comes with a musical residency at a listening room like The Stone.  Musical selections include:

David Krakauer – “Funky Dave” from Klezmer Madness! Although the label now has 400 different releases to its credit, in 1995 John Zorn tapped David to record the first Tzadik release. This mix of funk, klezmer and the avant-garde featured Krakauer on clarinet and bass clarinet, Michael Alpert on accordion, violin and guitar and David Licht on percussion.

David Krakauer – “Rumania, Rumania” featuring Socalled from Bubbemeises - Lies My Gramma Told Me. Krakauer joins with Canadian hip-hop artist Socalled to create a new take on an old Yiddish classic.

David Krakauer – “ Ebubuel” from Pruflas – The Book of Angels Volume 18. Krakauer  is a key component in the “Zorn at 60” concerts that have played around the world this year. He recorded one of the many Zorn-written “Book of Angels” projects last year with a band composed of Krakauer (Clarinet and Bass Clarinet); Sheryl Bailey (Guitar); Jerome Harris (Bass, Voice); Michael Sarin (Drums) and Keepalive (Laptop).