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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Nov 14, 2016

Matt Slocum’s Black Elk’s Dream was one of the best jazz CDs of 2014. Backed by musicians like Dayna Stephens, Gerald Clayton and Water Smith III, drummer Slocum presented a concept album inspired by the visionary Native American leader Black Elk and the book Black Elk Speaks. The music, whether original or deftly chosen covers, was orchestral in its feel, and packed a punch, either through mixed meters, interesting harmonies or the dynamic solos of the saxophones.

With Trio Pacific, Volume 1, Slocum now moves to a stripped down sound, and manages to stand the historical concept of the jazz trio on its head by performing as a drummer, sax (Stephens again) and guitar (Steve Cardenas) threesome. The result is shimmering, subtle and often beautiful music, and proof the Slocum is well on his way to being one of our finest leaders.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in western Wisconsin, Slocum began musical studies on piano before switching to percussion at age 11. While in high school he was introduced to jazz through recordings featuring Max Roach and Philly Joe Jones. He received a full scholarship to attend the University of Southern California where he studied with the great Peter Erskine. Moving to New York a few years later, Slocum has performed and recorded as a leader on four CDs, while serving s sideman for the likes of Seamus Blake, Alan Broadbent, Wynton Marsalis, Linda Oh, Anthony Wilson, Sam Yahel and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Podcast 552 is my conversation with Matt, as we talk about the way Trio Pacific came together, how the lack of preparation led to exciting discoveries in the studio, and what he learned from his time with Peter Erskine. Musical selections from Trio Pacific, Volume 1 include “Passaic”, “I Can’t Believe You’re in Love With Me” and “For Alin”, a song dedicated to his wife.