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Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show

Welcome to Straight No Chaser, the Award-winning Podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel

Apr 30, 2017

The idea of International Jazz Day is just so wonderful/ Imagine for one day, artists from all over the globe, playing a universal language of music, to celebrate the sheet joys of playing something TOGETHER. It is what the world needs now, my friends. This Sunday, April 30, International Jazz Day will culminate with the International Jazz Day All-Star Global Concert live from Havana Cuba streamed on at 9 PM ET.

Podcast 573 celebrates artists from around the world playing music that transcends borders, boundaries, countries and nations. It is just over an hour of jazz from:


John Yao - "Fuzzy Logic"

Chano Dominguez - "Gracias a la vida"

Uri Gurvich - "Alfombra Magic"

Ivan Lins - "She Walks This Earth"

Yotam Silberstein - " O Vôo da mosca"

Duduka Da Fonseca - "Song For Claudio"

David Hazeltine - "A.D. Bossa"

Wolfgang Haffner - "Hello"

Cyro Baptista - "Menina"

Miroslav Vitouš  -  "Scarlet Reflections"

Cyrille Aimée -  "Estrellitas Y Duendes"

Gene Ess - "Blues For Two"

Ferenc Snétberger -  "Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Live)"